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Thursday, November 27, 2003


Last week was hell. Sheer, unadulterated hell. I went back and forth from being irritable to being argumentative and combative to being a weepy miserable mess. For about a week.

Went to see my doctor on Tuesday. I was in combative mode at that point. The fact that I ended up waiting for him for 45 minutes due to a communication error (he was waiting for me in one place, I was waiting in another) didn't help. I ended up chewing him a new ass for no particular reason.

As a result of that appointment I'm now back to seeing him on a weekly basis. I'll try to make sure Sybil stays at home. :P

Today is the first day I've been fine in over a week. God, I hope it lasts. Good thing, because I went to my friend's place for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate takeout from Boston Market. Hey--at least I got to spend the holiday with someone.

Then later this evening I got a call from the one friend of mine who knows about my condition and doesn't judge me for it. I had tried to call him after my appointment on Tuesday (I was in weepy miserable mode then), & he just got my message today. He's in Cali now and eating his turkey as I type this.

And on the job front--my boss is still being a dick, but not as much of a dick as he was last week. Things are fine for the moment, but it's only a matter of time before that changes. The problem with the sword of Damocles isn't that it might fall on you, it's that it's constantly hanging over you.

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