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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

So here's what's going on...

The morning after my last post, I cancelled my appointment with my doctor. My next appointment is this upcoming Monday.

Last night I spoke with my one friend who knows my whole story and I told him what happened. He raised an interesting question: What do I have to gain from confronting my doctor, aside from the truth?

The answer: Nothing. Not a damn thing. And I actually have something to lose in that if I discontinued my relationship with him, I would no longer have access to free meds.

So if I want the hamburger, I gotta have the wrapper too. My inclination right now is not to say anything unless for some reason the opportunity presents itself (like if he tries to give me another lecture on "playing by the rules" as he did during my Sybil episode--why the hell should I play by the rules if he can't be bothered to do so?).

In other news, my job at the university is going to end soon. Monday morning I go into work and the Boss from Hell calls me into his office. "[Your colleagues] have been telling me that you are wanting to know when your job will finish." (I later found out from my colleagues that they never said a damn thing to him.) He then goes on to say that that the new mommy will be coming back the 14th, that this will be my last week and asks if I have anything else lined up. I tell him no, that I hadn't been looking because I didn't know when my assignment was going to end. (Not exactly true--I started sending resumes out this past weekend.) Then he decides that he can stretch me out one more week and says my last day will be Friday the 9th. Which conveniently will also be his last day. (I forgot to mention--the dickhead resigned.)

Then I find out from my colleague that we're getting out early on Wednesday and that we have Thursday & Friday off. THAT BASTARD WAS GOING TO CAN ME ON 2 DAYS' NOTICE!!! What a SHITHEAD!!!!!!!!

So later that day the vice chairman comes into the office. (A REALLY nice guy--very intelligent, very fair, and has a healthy dose of common sense.) I tell him that my days are officially numbered, and I ask if I can use him as a reference since my boss will be leaving soon. Not only does he readily and happily agree to be a reference, but he seems very surprised at the news that I'll be leaving soon. "Did your boss talk to the chairman about this?" I reply that I have no idea. He says, "Well, we'll see what we can do about getting you to stay a little longer."

About an hour later, he has a behind-closed-doors conversation with the chair. Then he has a behind-closed-doors conversation with my boss. About 15 minutes later Boss comes into my office and asks: "If you stay here after I leave on the 9th, do you think you can manage things?" I answer yes. (Stupid question, asshole! With you leaving Friday the 9th & Mommy coming back on the 14th, that leaves a whopping 2 days that I have to cope without you! 2 days that I am GREATLY looking forward to, I might add.)

Yesterday I run into Vice again. He asks, "So, did your boss talk to you about how long you're going to stay?" I say no, he only asked if I'd be able to manage without him. Then Vice tells me that I'll be staying at least one more week, possibly two. GO VICE!!! He is DA BOMB!! :)

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