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Saturday, February 12, 2005

I just read this interesting article on Yahoo (originally from the Washington Post) about how bloggers around the country are getting fired for complaining about their jobs in their posts:

What the article didn't exactly make clear (and maybe it's because the situation itself isn't clear) is under what circumstances this can happen. I mean, you shouldn't be blogging on company time on a company computer. If you do that, then you're just stupid and you deserve to be fired. You might also be asking for trouble if you name your company in your blog and then bitch about it. But if you do things on your own time, on your own computer, and you don't ID your company or compromise confidentiality, then what you say should be your business. Shouldn't it?

In case anyone's wondering (of course, that's assuming anyone's actually READING), I only blog from home. And I've never named any specific names of coworkers (or I've used pseudonyms). I did ask to have a link to this blog posted with because I wanted to reach other people with GAD, but that's about the only public notice my blog has ever gotten.

Speaking of my job, I managed to get through this week virtually unscathed, thanks in some small part to the baby Xanax. My boss is now out of town and will not be returning for the remainder of the month.

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