It's a GAD GAD World
Thursday, May 18, 2006
The above link illustrates just one of the many reasons why there is no fucking way in hell I will take an SSRI.

First, the news. Remember the letter I wrote to Forest? Well, I got a phone message from them Thursday when I got home from work. That's the good news. The bad news is my answering machine cut off before the person could give out the entire phone number. I called their general # & left a msg in their voice mailbox. No one called me back today, so I'll have to try again. But the fact that they called me is a good sign.

Now for the blues. I've been depressed lately. No particular reason, just crying every day for the hell of it.

As for the short fuse, there are 2 parts to that. The first is that on top of being depressed, I've been really irritable. Like I wanna chew somebody's head off irritable. And no, I don't think it's PMS.

The second part is my annoying co-worker from hell. The counseling director at the school where I work is participating in a teleconference on handling students with psych disabilities, & she invited the entire campus to join her. It's during lunch, so those who participate wouldn't have to miss any work, they could just do it on their lunch hour. I asked my boss if I could do it, & he said sure, just work out front desk coverage with my co-worker.

So I sent my co-worker an email (cc-ing my boss) explaining the situation & if she'd be willing to cover for me. She put up such a whiny bitchy stink about it. She even emailed my boss (not realizing she'd cc'd me) asking if this was something I really had to do. Finally my boss emailed both of us saying enough already, HE would cover the front desk if he had to.

I felt bad. If I had known that using my lunch hour to learn something was going to cause this much of a stink I never would have asked. Then I felt angry, because I shouldn't feel bad about wanting to pursue my professional development. At least my boss stuck up for me in this instance. The problem is my co-worker works very closely with him & he thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. This is because she's a 2-faced bitch who only shows him her good side. If anyone tried to point out to him how nasty & devious she can be, he would never believe it.

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow. So help me, if she keeps me waiting for more than an hour I'm going to fucking strangle her.

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