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Saturday, August 05, 2006
OK, ok. I didn't get fired. But the night after I posted I came home from work, ate dinner, crashed on the couch & didn't wake up till after midnight. Then last night I went to a concert & after I got home late I had other computer stuff to do. More on that in a minute...

So here's what happened. Nothing happened on Thursday, the day I was sure i was going to get fired. (Hey, I've been right before! This is EXACTLY what happened to me at Prestigious Institution.) Then on Friday...shortly after I started working at this place there was talk of creating a position that would basically be a right hand to the Awesome VP. But when the budgets were banged out in March the funding for that position was cut. So I assumed it wasn't going to happen at least until 2007-08. And then when I thought about being chained to the stupid front desk for another 6 months it just made me sick.

But on Friday, some new internal job postings were announced. And I guess the powers-that-be changed their minds, because the Awesome VP Assistant job was among them. That's what I was busy doing last night--working on my cover letter and resume.

Yes, you bet your sweet bippie I'm applying for this position. It's not only made for me (or should I say I for it?), but it will get me out of Front Desk Hell.

Suddenly my depression seems to have dissipated. Could be the neurontin, could be that I see a way out of a place that I thought I had no way out of. Could be a combination of the 2. The mind is a funny thing. All I can say is that if I DON'T get this job I'm going to be despondent.

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