It's a GAD GAD World
Friday, October 27, 2006
Thanks Anonymous for your comment.

I am contemplating doing something stupid tomorrow. What I'm contemplating is going into the city tomorrow (in weather predicted to be nothing short of ugly) to see an original play about a lonely little boy who has no one to play with except the gargoyles on the roof of his building, and the events that unfold when the little boy receives a mysterious invitation to a party from the gargoyles.

Why is this stupid? Because the play was written by the Cute Guy. And he's probably going to be there. And I'm going to spend $20 to see it in the afternoon when I'm planning to go to a concert later that night. Which means I'll end up spending the whole day in the city. In shitty weather.

I haven't seen or communicated with the Cute Guy since July. In my wildest dreams what I imagine will happen is that I'll get dressed up in something stunning, the Cute Guy will not be able to take his eyes from me, he'll make an honest effort to talk to me, we'll iron out our differences, & then maybe have a cup of coffee together. In reality what will probably happen is that my stunning outfit (yeah right, as if I could look stunning in ANYTHING) will get ruined by the driving rain, the bus will be late (also because of the rain), I'll arrive late looking like a drowned rat, the Cute Guy won't even acknowledge my presence, and an evil groupie I like to call the Psychoslut will be there, not-so-innocently shoving her tits into his face at every opportunity.

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