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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
I'll explain why this is a happy day in a minute.

First, Jane had a comment for my STRIKE ONE post. She asked me not to post it, which is why it doesn't appear in the Comments section, but she said I could post part of it. Here's what she says, in part:

Hi! You are correct about the cholesterol must fast from 12 to 14 hours before.(only water is permitted) I am an RN (13 years- don't blame me), and checked my labs books, and you are correct!
Also, anything that you eat within 2 weeks of the test may influence the results ( like the time I ate a big greasy sausage biscuit from Bojangles the day before) I got quite a sick giggle from the horrified expression on the doc's face as he snarled about my labs, tried to put me on Lipitor and then I politely thanked him, nodded, took the little paper. (Then I ditched it into file 13, IE the trashcan in the reception area, and went about things my way as usual). I use garlic, kwai tabs are good (drugstore) , its odorless. I also eat that heart smart blueberry oatmeal from quaker about 3-4X per week. No more frying,I avoid Bojangles and I bake or broil. It does get better...screw all their pills (in my opinion). I would dump her, but that (also is) my opinion...The nurse practioners may just be your ticket, what could it hurt? P-doc sounds like she needs her own trip on the damn couch. I feel for you...Overweight is Ok, Healthy is excellent ( wish I had some of that), P-doc needs to write herself some scripts and then, go visit one of her doesn' t tell me when to get a damn Pap smear. P-doc...her job is your mind, not your body.

Right on, Jane! I KNEW my p-doc was nuts! I may just use some of those words when I have my appt with her in less than 2 weeks. "I don't rely on my dentist to tell me when to get a damn Pap smear, and I'm not relying on you to control my cholesterol!" (Bitch!)'s why today is a happy day. I came into work this morning & the first person I saw was one of my colleagues. She asked me if I had checked my email yet. I said no, I just got here. Then my colleague broke the news: My evil co-worker from hell is leaving.

Her last day is Friday. (That's the day after tomorrow.) And since we work in separate buildings now, there is a very strong possibility that I will never see that ass-kissing neanderthal ever again. YEEEEEEEEHHAAAAAAAA!!!!

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