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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
I just got home from work. In my mail was a little notecard from my doctor with some of my blood results written on it. (The results I got a couple of days ago were the actual pages of the lab report with no further commentary.) On the notecard my PCP had written: "Good. This is acceptable."

OK, so maybe I'm not a slobby disgusting pig after all. This makes me feel a lot less guilty about the pizza I ate on the way home.

Hi! Happy 2007! Sounds like you are having a good start with the new year! Yay! about the evil co-worker!! I'd have a beer with you, and a slice of that pizza to celebrate with you! Start trying to get out and exercise (helps with dropping the cholesterol, it also elevates the good lipids), I used to walk. I understand if you don't wanna, it is winter. I've got some indoor solutions for you that won't bore you to tears and can be quite fun. Gimme an e-mail & let me know if you are interested. I've started something fun, it may even make you laugh!
Give 'er hell Pat, about the labs. It ain't her bees-wax about your cholesterol....the focus here should be - what is she doing to help you resolve your issues? If all she does is sit there and nod, make snide remarks, and criticise you, 86 the b*!
I'll say this about "Dr. Snowjob", he has hit the nail dead on with my issues, and I'm making some slow progress. It took me a long time to come around to therapy, I carried my baggage as long as I could and far as I can on my own. He is helping, even though some days it feels like I'm just sitting there bleeding to death in his office. Its a weird feeling; after I leave I end up feeling peaceful & empty. Makes me wonder that if feelings and angst leave behind residual energy-- then m'pdoc's office space could power the space shuttle.
Take care of yourself!
(PS- i'm pullin for you down here! sorry i haven't been checking in so often- my local net service should give me a discount- as i am often without access!)
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