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Monday, February 19, 2007
As I may have previously mentioned, I had a 4-day weekend this weekend. (Friday & Monday off)

I was really looking forward to it, because the stress of the job was starting to get to me. There's no point in hashing out the details, I just have too much to do and too little time in which to do it.

But I haven't been able to relax this entire weekend. Not at all. Andd it's all because of what transpired on Friday between myself and the nurse-practitioner who works out of my p-doc's office.

And this is the only place I can talk about it. I've tried calling my friend the counselor several times over the wknd, she hasn't returned my calls. Tried talking to my teacher-friend, she said, "I don't know what to tell you." And nobody here has responded to any of my blogs over the weekend. It's like I'm shouting into the wind.

I'm actually thinking about contacting my former p-doc (the asshole who dumped me) and asking him for a referral.

Gotta go. My phone's ringing.

Hi, for some reason the prompts here are in spanish- great another hoop for me to jump through. Its been that kind of a month so far. Yea, we all have our Maalox moments, and have to deal with backlash for being assertive sometimes.( been there, experienced that)
I applaud you still for setting her straight. You were on target, as you could tell by that polling site. She stinks, but maybe she can refer you to someone better than her,someone readily equipped with the skill sets that a good p-doc has.
Its been a real b$^$h-kitty this month, the ever looming pile of crap I have to complete before June, is growing by leaps & bounds( we move to where in June). Hubby sorts of gobbles his supper, then sits on his A## and watches TV, or whatever, after his normal 12-14 hour day. Can't blame him, but I am homeschooling my kid (b/c there are no decent available english speaking schools in the area)& it is like trying to give a cat a fleabath...everyday. Geez, I love my son, but feel like maybe a lobotomy(for me) sounds like a great option ( i'd be much calmer, and more agreeable, right?). One word- Burnout!
Don't let the dipsticks ruffle your fur. They (surely) understand, that if they try to cut off/out certain meds suddenly- that there will be a dire crisis as a result, right? Good Luck with the p-doc situation,& Take care of yourself!
burned to a crisp,
Hi Pat,
The prompt here for comments came up in spanish. Whats up with that? I hope that you are hanging in there, and will conquer over the pinhead p-doc that you had. May you find another,a BETTER one soon at that. Rx's problems are a real royal pain. Take care of yourself!
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