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Sunday, March 18, 2007
So...I had what I thought would be my final appt at the White Russian's office with the nurse-practitioner. And guess what? It actually went pretty well.

She asked how I was doing. I said basically ok. (Which was true, aside from the hell I went thru trying to find another p-doc, which I wasn't going to tell her about.) I then said that I needed some prescriptions. I had actually dropped off a list at the office the day before so that the n-p could go over it with the White Russian in case she had any problems or concerns. But--surprise, surprise--the clerical staff had failed to give it to the n-p.

I told the n-p exactly what I wanted & she gave it to me. Without question. She even went into the p-doc's office & brought me some Namenda samples. (Last visit the n-p told me she didn't have any Namenda.) And there were no lectures. No attitude. Nothing about me being a bad girl.

I know that some of you reading are going to pull your hair out when I say this, but...I'm actually thinking of staying. It would certainly be easier than switching, and trying to convince a new p-doc to go with my current drug regimen. And there would be less paperwork involved.

The n-p gave me the card of a t-doc who's affiliated with the practice. She also gave me 2 refills on most of the prescriptions she gave me (except xanax--she can't give refills on that). And just before the visit concluded she said, "See [t-doc], and you decide when you want to see me again."

So I think that's what I'm going to do. While I don't relish the idea of going to a t-doc (no offense to those of you who have benefitted from "talk therapy", it's just not my thing), it is a good idea for me to see someone at least once a month. And if I don't need meds, there's not much point in wasting the time of whoever it is that's writing out my prescriptions. So maybe I'll just check in with the t-doc once a month & see the n-p when I need meds.

And I guess I've kind of settled on the White Russian as the p-doc's official nickname. Thanks to those of you who contributed, but your ideas didn't really grab me, and I can't come up with anything better. Actually I did come up with something better, but I can't use it in the blog because it involves using her first name.

It's 2:30am. Grrr...stupid fucking insomnia...

Hi! If you can live with the compromise why should any one grumble about it. You are the person who calls the shots, no one else. If you can deal with the nim-wit - do it, as long as you get what you need, you know?!
As for the imsomnia, did that the Friday night- up til quarter of three, writing an outraged letter to a humans right group, thanking them for making it possible for child molesters to live close to bus stops in GA. A 6 yr old lost his life needlessly, earlier last month by a repeat offender(why is that no shock). The HR group lobbied so that these people won't have their rights trampled. Must be the same group that made sure that Cooey found a place to live near Jessica Lunsford. Holy #$%^! Someone should trample something on them, maybe they'll think twice.
My thyroid levels are out of whack I believe-getting too much. Makes me mean! Well, I'm off- going to go pee on someones' cornflakes now ;->
Take care of yourself!
Hi! I posted a comment a bit ago, but for some reason it didn't make it. I certainly will not fuss about who you see, or not. Its up to you Pat. If you get what you need, then good for you! You've got to look out for yourself and who knows better whats good for you, other than you? Take care of yourself!
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