It's a GAD GAD World
Sunday, March 11, 2007
Recently I read about a phenomenon that mental health professionals were calling "Sunday night anxiety". This is something experienced by working professionals who dread going to work on Monday morning.

I can relate. I feel it just about every weekend. Only for me, it kicks in around late Saturday night. In fact I'm feeling it right this very minute.

What I don't understand is WHY I'm feeling this way. It made perfect sense for me to feel it when I worked at Prestigious Institution. That job was a pressure-cooking nightmare. But my current job isn't like that.

In fact, I have good reason to believe that tomorrow I'm going to spend most of the day working reception. This means that unless the phone is ringing, I'm pretty much free to do whatever I want while I'm sitting at the desk. This is about as low-stress as my job gets.

So why am I antsy?

And why am I antsy about my upcoming appt with the nurse-practitioner (the one at my as-yet-unnicknamed soon-to-be-former p-doc)? I'm just going to go in there & lie my ass off & say that everything's been basically fine since I last saw her.

Oh, BTW--Thanks to y'all for your comments. I'm taking the philosophy to heart of trying to be especially good to myself during a depressive phase. I'll let you know how it works.

Hi Pat,
I hope that you had a good appt today! I am wiped out and am hitting the bed. Take care of yourself!
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