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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Just an update to my last post...

Yes, I saw the Cute Guy last night. But I didn't speak to him. Even if I'd wanted to I wouldn't have had much of an opportunity.

There is one thing I've got to share with you all. I was standing in line in the lobby of the venue waiting to be let in (the doors hadn't opened to the public yet) when he walked in & walked right past me to get in. (He was hosting, remember?) So I managed to get a good albeit brief look at him. His hair was permed. PERMED. I didn't think guys did that anymore. It was hysterical. He looked like a fucking poodle!

Shifting gears now...I think at some point I mentioned a dating site for crazies. I put a profile up there about 4 years ago & haven't done much with it since. In 2004 I met the one and only person I've ever met face-to-face through that site. It was our one and only meeting.

Anyway, I got a response yesterday, and it appeared to be the first semi-normal response I've gotten from the site in years. Honest to God, I get so many responses from these mama's boys in their 50s who still live at home because they can't hold down a job & they just want someone to latch onto & suck the life out of. And most of them aren't anywhere NEAR where I live. (Thank God!)

So this respondent is local. He tells me upfront that he's not interested in dating me (for religious reasons), but that he's open to meeting & talking & hanging out. So far so good. At least he's being honest & not leading me on, right? No pressure, right?

Wrong. I emailed him a response yesterday afternoon. When I got home from the event late last night I checked my email. The guy had sent me 3 emails. THREE! In less than a 12-hour period!

This seems to be my perpetual problem. I'm too crazy for the normal people to deal with, but the crazies are too crazy for me to deal with.

Hi! Geez, what a mess. Dating- nearly drove me into a convent except for the obvious lack of catholic upbringing, and the lost innocence.
Don't paint them all the same color- there are still a couple of decent ones out there, they just are not easy to find. I had to go thru the wringer a few times before I found "Mr. Right". Had an encounter with one guy who lapsed back into drug use and b/c a loser again, so long stranger!
Went thru one health-nut and one "extremist" rock climber dude, who after admiring themselves and cutting me down, finally drove me away.One artsy type, One physics geek, who was the perpetual student type. Fifteen years later and most likely he is still in college, or living with his Momma. This one,I picked him up like a stray dog. (Darned co-dependent behaviors, bad, bad girl!)He was living in deep depression and determined to drag me into crazyland with him (for nearly 3 years).Thank God thats behind me! As for the mama's boys, yes, my spouse has those tendencies. I now believe that he just does not care if the house is clean. The males in this house do not see dirt, or the messes they leave behind. I look at it as a recessive gene, I am working on the younger of the 2 parties, in hopes that his spouse won't have to follow after him with a shovel & a bucket.Its about accepting the good with the bad. Me, with PMS, I am about as pleasant as a box of angry bees! I wish you success in finding a companion! For sure, He will not parachute naked out of the sky and land on your porch. I found mine at school. Maybe you can find one to your liking at cultural activities, places you like to frequent. One of my gal pals met a nice man at the bookstore. She was paying attention-thank goodness he wasn't reading- "How to move out of your momma's house and turn your significant other into your momma," otherwise Kate would've run the otherway. She's smart like that. Good luck and take care of yourself!
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