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Friday, July 06, 2007
I may have posted links to these sites in previous posts, but it never hurts to post them again. These are 2 sites you should look at if you're under-insured or uninsured and you can't afford your meds. (ANY meds, not just crazy meds.)

1) . This is the website for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Ever see a commercial where Montel Williams is driving a big truck around the country interviewing people who've lost their jobs & can't afford their meds? Well, this is the organization he's promoting. It's legit, folks. There are obviously certain financial requirements you have to meet, and not every single drug under the sun is covered. But if you're struggling, you might be able to find some help here.

2) . Here's a dirty little secret most drug companies don't want you to know. They actually provide "patient assistance programs"(PAP)--programs to provide their drugs to people who can't afford them. They don't make a lot of noise about it. In fact, some of them are downright sneaky about it. At one point during my days of un(der)employment I went to Forest's website specifically looking for info on their Namenda program (knowing full well that it existed) & couldn't find it on the site.

Fortunately, the geniuses who developed this site have done all the dirty work for you. This is sort of an online database of prescription drugs whose companies offer a PAP. The site contains a search engine. You look up your particular med, and it directs you to the info regarding the PAP for that med if there is one, along with a PDF for the PAP application form.

Generally the way it works is you have your doc write a prescription for your med, then you and/or your doc fax the prescription along with the PAP application and any necessary documents (most require proof of income--tax returns, pay stubs, etc.). Then the drug company will mail your meds directly to you.

What are the income requirements? How much of your drug can you get? It varies from drug company to drug company--even from med to med. So you have to read the fine print. But if your doc isn't aware of this resource, alert him/her to it NOW!

OK, back to my so-called vacation...

I refer to it as such because it's almost over (I go back to work Monday) & I don't feel rested at all. You would think with 7 days off I would have had more time to write & blog. Oh no. Nay nay. I made these lists of chores I planned to get done during my break, hoping to get one list done each day, but it never happened. I got some of the things done on each list, but not all of them. As a result, my apartment still looks like a pig sty despite the fact that I've thrown out at least 2 garbage bags' worth of stuff.

Of course, I also scheduled numerous doc appointments during this time, culminating in an unexpected visit to the dentist yesterday. The visit was unexpected because when I went in on Tuesday for my routine visit, the dentist told me I had a cavity that was about a millimeter away from becoming a root canal. It couldn't wait till my next break, so I had to schedule it for this week. So I scheduled it for yesterday. It totally wiped me out. It was then that I decided to abandon the idea of getting all these projects done. I'm just going to enjoy what's left of my break.

OK, now to the news you really wanted to read about. I had an appointment with the t-doc on Tuesday. I talked about my blowout with the White Russian & how the n-p is kind of putting me in the middle. The upshot is that for my next n-p appt I'm going to stop by the office the day before my appt & leave a note for the n-p giving her a heads-up that I'm coming. This way she can grab whatever meds I need without having to talk to the White Russian about it. Hopefully that will alleviate the situation.

I'm going into the city today to have lunch with a friend & hopefully do some shopping. Tomorrow night I'm planning to attend a concert. Then Sunday will be my day to get my shit together and go back to work. Bleh!

Hi there,
I read your blog because i enjoy your writing style, your hutzpah and you remind me that all the crazy people I know (myself included) are a damn sight more interesting and fun than the normal ones. All that aside, in reading your food posts it struck me pretty much immediately -- your probably hypoglycemic and addicted to sugar. I say so because I was/am and the first thing my family members did when I complained I wanted to see a therapist in high school is have me take blood sugar tests.....seriously - it makes a world of difference to your mood and attitude. Plus, especially with weight stuff related to hypoglycemia, when you go over a certain blood sugar level it is all imeediately soterd and your blood sugar elvel flatlines....leaving you tired and sad....anyway, good luck and go get 'em!!
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