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Saturday, September 01, 2007
First of all, before I explain why it's WAR!, a message to Gonzo: I did not publish your post because you included your email addess in your message and I did not want that to become public. In regards to your most recent question, I would remind you that a) I am NOT a doctor, and b) I am only one person. You should not make medical decisions based on ONE person's experience with a particular drug. Again, I urge you to go to & post your queries there. That way you won't be relying on just one person to answer your questions. You'll have a variety of people with a variety of experiences.

OK, this is why it's WAR! The Cute Guy is going to off-Broadway. I have tickets for opening night. I am determined to look my very best on this night. I want to bring a lump to this weasel's throat. (Not to mention his trousers. ;) )

Opening night is toward the end of this month. I figure I can probably drop a few pounds safely between then and now. Not many, but a few. So I'm going to chart my progress & keep a food diary here. Mind you, it won't be a complete food diary, as I don't have time to blog every day and besides, do you people really give a shit about what I eat every day? But maybe someone will spot a bad pattern in my eating and can alert me to it.

OK here goes: As of 3:45 pm on Saturday, September 1:

Weight: 222

Food eaten so far today:

1 bowl Honey Combs cereal with fat free milk
1 stick of string cheese
one chocolate-covered pretzel rod
1/2 Ghirardelli chocolate square with caramel

Wish me luck!

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