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Sunday, October 07, 2007
Yes folks, this is an update where I actually talk about GAD for a change.

First of all, a note to Jane: Great to hear from you again! Please post a comment with your email address in it (I won't publish it) so I can send you a private email. Thanks.

Now for some GAD news: Had an appointment with the nurse-practitioner a couple of weeks ago. To make a long story short, she asked to see my last blood work results. To make another long story short, I ain't giving them to her. If this office knows that my triglycerides are high, in their minds it will justify the scam the White Russian tried to pull on me. (For the record, my triglycerides were FINE at the time of the attempted scam.)

I also requested a reduction in my doxepin dosage, from 75 mgs to 50 mgs. The n-p didn't want to do it, but I insisted & she relented. Doxepin causes carb cravings & weight gain. Already I'm noticing a change in my food cravings. I'm finding now that when I eat too much sugar, I feel sluggish. I'm also not craving that Pretzel Time plain jumbo pretzel at the end of my workday like I used to.

The decision I have to make now is what I'm going to do as far as treatment goes after December. My 9/11 health benefit expires on 12/31, which means no more free rides for me. There's another benefit program starting in "early 2008", but I don't have details on it yet & I don't know if I'm eligible for it or not. With all the meds I've got stocked up & with the fact that my shitty health insurance only pays 50% of psych-related visits, I'm seriously thinking about going without a p-doc for a while. I know I'll have to get one eventually, because eventually the pharmacy I've got stocked up in my kitchen cupboard is going to dwindle. But I'm so sick & tired of getting jerked around by doctors.

Speaking of doctors who jerk me around, my ex-pdoc (the research asshole, not the White Russian) was quoted at length in a major magazine that just hit the newsstands. I don't want to give too many details. But I was flopped on my couch at home reading the latest issue when BANG! the name popped out at me. I nearly shit a brick.

I'll have more on the asshole later, in conjunction with a self-improvement plan I'm trying out. More when I have time.

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