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Monday, October 29, 2007
So I decided to hike to the grocery store after dinner tonight to buy baby carrots. And after doing my 15-minute hike to the grocery store in the freezing cold & dark, I was rather annoyed when I discovered that the store did not have any 1-pound bags of baby carrots. I also discovered that I was still hungry.

So, in addition to a bag of shredded carrots, I bought:

1 pint of B&J Lighten Up! Phish Food (hey, at least it was light!)
a bag of Lindt Dark chocolate truffles (with sale & coupon, $1.50)
3 bags of Pepperidge Farm Milanos (they were on sale & I had a coupon for 3)
3 cans of Progresso soup (again, on sale--for $0.99--and I had a coupon)
1 box of mac & cheese (not the kind with fluorescent orange powder, the kind with fluorescent orange cheese sauce)
2 loaves of Pepperidge Farm light wheat bread (yes, you guessed it: on sale, with coupon, but I had to buy 2 loaves, which is more than I'll use in 2 weeks, which is when it usually goes moldy because I don't have a real freezer for storage)
2 Ghirardelli chocolate caramel squares (BOGO coupon)

I ate 4 of the Milanos on the way home, & I just tucked away about 1/3 of the B&J. It probably would have been more than 1/2 if I haven't eaten the Milanos. And now I've got a 1/2 stick of butter on my counter & I'm waiting for it to thaw so I can have a toast binge.

Life is good......

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