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Tuesday, January 01, 2008
I've had the past several days off from work, so I have time to blog. But I haven't blogged because there really hasn't been much for me to say.

Christmas was uneventful, as usual. The one exception being that I got a totally unexpected phone call from a friend. It was the only real conversation I had that day.

No real news GAD-wise. It's been laying low since I've been off work. Then as I was eating my breakfast this morning I thought to myself, "Gee, I'm going to have to be going back to work in a few days." And I felt the edginess creeping up on me like an impending thunderstorm. I've also had a few diarrhea attacks today (aren't you glad I shared THAT with you?). Of course, this could have been from the semi-dangerous food I ate this afternoon.

Let me explain. I think in previous posts I've alluded to having somewhat of a clutter problem. Back in September 2004 the exterminator came to my building to spray all the apartments. We were instructed to remove EVERYTHING from our kitchen areas so the guy could spray. I cleared all the food out of my cupboard & stuffed it in a garbage bag.

The garbage bag has remained on the floor of my apartment until this week, with many of the original items still in it. A few weeks ago I lugged a huge cardboard box home from work thinking that I would do a Christmas project with it. I never completed the project, but I still had the box lying around with stuff in it that had no other place to go. So instead of getting rid of the box, I decided to start throwing in items I had bought that were lying around my apartment because the cupboard and the drawers were all full.

I filled the box, people. And my apartment still looks like a wreck. But getting back to my original point, I managed to empty out the 2004 garbage bag into the box. And I decided that I would eat (or attempt to eat) one box item every day until I get the damn thing cleared out.

So today I watched the outdoor hockey game on NBC. I've never mentioned that I'm somewhat of a hockey fan. I used to be into it more, but now it's kind of hard to follow hockey when you don't have cable. But this game wasn't on cable, and so I treated myself to watching a full game, something I haven't done in years.

Now, it's always been a tradition of mine (long story, don't ask) that whenever I watch a game I have a snack of microwave popcorn & diet Coke. So I popped a bag out of the 2004 time capsule & had a can of diet Coke...with an expiration date of 2005 stamped on the bottom of the can.

The popcorn wasn't too bad, but the diet Coke definitely had a different taste to it. I ended up dumping it down the sink.

In p-doc news, I got a letter from my health insurance company yesterday. It had some mumbo-jumbo about mental health coverage, so tomorrow I'm going to call the company and say, "Look, I've got a simple question & hopefully you'll give me a simple answer. If I go to a psychiatrist, what's my co-pay?" If the answer's favorable (and I have reason to believe it might be), maybe I can start seeing another p-doc & forget about Bellevue.

I just want you to know that I have been reading your Blog for some time now and being a Gad and Depression person myself,you are not as alone as you sometimes feel. I and many others may be thinking of you and wondering how you are doing. You are a gifted writer and I love the humor that shines through the pain. Just want to wish you a good new year! patty
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