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Thursday, January 24, 2008
Thanks Nancy for your comments.

I may not be blogging very much for a while. My mouse has died. My computer mouse, that is.

The clicking part of the mouse works ok, but when I try to roll it around the cursor doesn't move the way it's supposed to. I took it apart because I thought maybe it was because the mouse ball was dirty. But that wasn't the case.

If you look inside your mouse (flip it over & take the mouse ball out), you'll see these little rollers inside it. One moves the cursor vertically, the other horizontally. When you move your mouse, it's the mouse ball causing the rollers to move, and that's how your cursor moves. Well, for some reason, my mouse ball is no longer connecting with my rollers. It's as though the space inside the mouse somehow got bigger and the ball no longer touches the rollers when it connects. So now the only way I can maneuver the cursor is to take the mouse ball out of the mouse and manually move the rollers with my fingers. Those of you reading this now, take a moment to do this. Take the mouse ball out of your mouse, and for about 5 minutes try to maneuver the mouse from the inside with your fingers.

Aggravating isn't it? And now you understand why I won't be doing any but the most very necessary net-surfing for a while.

In other news, I had the big sit-down with my boss today. We went through my review, which was fine. After all was said and done I raised the issue of my salary. I told my boss that I had done some research, and I'd learned that there were a # of colleges where I could walk in off the street without a college degree and still earn more than what I'm currently earning with the same type of job. (For the record, I hold a master's degree, I have a few years of office experience, and I've got almost 2 years' seniority at my current job.)

My boss agreed with me completely. Then she told me that when I first got this position, the powers-that-be told her it was a lateral move and that my salary couldn't be raised. Then she told me my name was on a list of people being considered for salary adjustments. But she didn't say when that decision was going to be made. So we'll have to wait & see.

The resulting relief after all the anxious buildup was so great that it left me famished. So I bought lunch at McDonald's. Then on the way home I grabbed a pint of Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter (the first pint of ice cream I've purchased since New Year's Eve).

Time for me to stop now. Don't know when I'll blog again...

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