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Sunday, July 20, 2008
I've got a computer problem, folks.

It doesn't really affect my blog, but it affects any comments that you post. The email address that I have connected to this blog is an Excite account. If you have an Excite account, you know that they recently upgraded things over there.

My cheap crappy computer with its Windows 98 operating system does not support this upgrade. This means that until I get my computer upgraded, I won't be able to access that email account. (This is my ANONYMOUS account, so I don't dare access it from work or anywhere else.)

What does this mean in terms of this blog? It means that when you post a comment, I'm not necessarily going to know about it unless I happen to log into Blogger to post. So if you post a comment, it may be a while before I approve it and it gets posted to the site.

The good news is that Uncle Sam came through with my economic stimulus check, & I've got a computer geek friend who thinks he can pimp my computer for about the same amount as the check. He's insanely busy, so it may be a while before that happens.

Further bulletins as events warrant...

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