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Sunday, December 14, 2008
So here's what's happened in the week since my long-awaited yet utterly uneventful encounter with the Guitar God:

*Shot him a very brief email (like, less than 5 lines). I made it a point to wait at least 24 hours before sending it. No response.

*Discovered he's got performance videos up on YouTube. I don't think he's the one who posted them, though. I download them to my computer, and shoot an email to the poster (under an alias) asking when they were shot. (GG was obviously much younger in the videos than he is today.) I also post a comment on one of the videos-brief, complimentary, and nothing suggestive at all.

*Ordered a book for him from the UK for this birthday thing I'm working on for him.

*Listen to his radio appearance over the weekend. He was playing backup for someone else.

*Today I check YouTube to see if the poster had logged into his account lately and maybe read my msg. Poster logged in 1 day ago, took down the video I had commented on, and re-posted it.

I need to stop this. Seriously.

In other GAD news, I had an appointment with the p-doc on Friday. I was going to finish my thought, but my Ambien is starting to kick in and I feel like nodding off at the computer. I'll have to talk about the pdoc visit another time. Nighty-night!

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