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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
OK, so...I got through Christmas OK. It wasn't great, but it wasn't awful either.

The day after Christmas I went to see the Guitar God perform. He did manage to walk over to my table and squeeze my hand. That was encouraging.

About 2 weeks before this gig, GG was performing on a local radio station doing backup for someone else. There was another singer there too, a phenomenal up-and-coming Jazz Artist who let GG jam in on a few tunes. It was a good show.

So last week I'm wandering through the hotel where the performing arts showcase is every year, and I'm checking out who's showcasing. My jaw hit the floor. It was the Jazz Artist!

When it came time to perform she introduced herself to her audience members individually. When she got to me I started babbling: I listened to your show last week, I'm a fan of the other artist, his guitar player was thrilled to jam in with you. She responded that they'd had a great time & that GG was a GREAT guitar player.

After the gig I had an idea. I called GG's number and had Jazz Artist leave him a message.

I thought that was so clever of me. And so nice of me to think of GG. Especially when I had no idea she would be at the showcase and that I'd be seeing her that night.

That was Saturday. Today is Tuesday. Do you think that fucker has even responded to the msg yet?

I have other things to talk about besides GG, but they will have to wait because my Ambien is kicking in.

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