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Saturday, August 29, 2009
I've spent much of today watching the coverage of Ted Kennedy's funeral. And bawling like a baby.

I didn't pay much attention to him when he was alive. Of course, I knew who he was, but it's not like he was MY senator or anything. It's only been in the wake of his passing that I've come to realize how much he's done for me. Ted Kennedy was at least partially (if not largely) responsible for the Americans wit Disabilities Act, COBRA, HIPPA, and the Mental Health Parity Act--all of which have affected me at some point.

Every crazy person in this country (and there are approximately 54 million of us, according to the statistic cited by Kennedy's son Patrick in his eulogy) owes Ted Kennedy a huge thank you. It's because of him that we can fight discrimination in the workplace because of our psych issues (as I may have to do very soon, seeing as how my boss does not understand that my insomnia is a documented medical condition). And it's because of him that our psych issues are required to have the same insurance coverage as any other medical issue.

No one needs to tell me that he wasn't a saint. Not even close. But over and over, story after story is coming out of how this hugely famous and powerful man cared about ordinary people. And I realize what a loss this country has suffered. And so I weep.

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