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Monday, December 07, 2009
Friday, 12/4: I get an email from one of the many music venues who have added me to their mailing list over the years. Seems Guitar God's favorite artist is playing at the venue in a few months from now. I still haven't heard jack from the Guitar God, but I'm in a generous mood, so I forward the email to him. No message, just the forward.

Last night: I have a dream that I'm in the front row of the audience while Guitar God is performing. In the middle of the show he stops dead & walks over to me. He smiles, and then he kisses me. At first I think it's just going to be a quick thing, but he doesn't stop, and so I start kissing him back full-force, the way I've always wished I could kiss a guy. Then my dream switches over to something else, like when you're flipping channels on the TV.

This afternoon: In the "Hell Freezes Over" department, I get an email from the Guitar God. He thanked me. HE THANKED ME!! And it only took him more than 2 months.

He cited traveling and computer problems as his excuses, both of which are bullshit. Within a month of my sending him the package he had 3 local gigs, so I know he wasn't out of town. As for his cable/computer conking out, he seems to have that happen a lot whenever I'm trying to reach him. And it always seems to kick back in when I send out an alert that his favorite artist is in town.

So what do I do now? Do I ignore his thank you? Do I point out that he's completely full of shit? Or do I gently point out that he's full of shit and give him a chance to come clean?

In other work-related news, I still haven't had my review, and my boss still hasn't said a word about it. A friend of mine sent me a job ad over the weekend. There's a lot more financial crap involved in this job than I would like, but I've got this gut feeling that I should go for it. That's what I was doing when I decided to procrastinate by posting to my blog. I'm trying to draft a new resume for the job.


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