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Tuesday, May 04, 2010
...I am now thanking God for Facebook.

In my last post I mentioned a man who loves women so damn much that he couldn't be satisfied with just one. He's married now, with kids. And yes, his wife knows about his extracurricular activity and has given him her blessing.

He and I have been corresponding A LOT ever since I re-connected with him a little over a month ago. Mostly me making smart-ass comments on his posts. He's always known me to be a smart-ass, just as I've always known him to be a horndog.

But this past weekend while cooped up in my apartment with a cold, I wrote him this really long email. I talked about how I was so naive and sheltered when I entered college (he was a senior when I was a freshman) that I couldn't have handled someone like him back then. But that I understood where he was coming from. He wasn't a jerk or a male slut. He didn't *use* women, he *loved* women. And I understood that he couldn't pursue women as successfully as he did if he didn't treat them with respect.

To make a long story short, there was a time after he graduated when he stopped by to visit me in my dorm room and tried to hit on me. I wasn't the type of person to engage in sex with someone I wasn't seriously involved with, and sensing my naive discomfort, he backed off.

I ended my email by officially informing him that I was no longer the naive and sheltered teenager he knew when we were in school, and that he should keep this in mind if/when he ever comes to visit my neck of the woods. (He lives about a 9-hour drive from me.)

He stayed late at work the next night so he could email me back. He thanked me for "getting" him. He confirmed that he just absolutely LOVED women. He said that he hadn't tried to pursue me in college because he realized just how innocent I was. He said that he was extremely flattered that he had made such an impression on me after all these years.

And finally...he attends a conference in a city about 2-3 hours away from me by train. The conference is once a year, and he agreed to meet with me for dinner the next time he was there, and see where things led.


I've been shitting bricks ever since, but in a GOOD way.

I know I'm not going to ride off into the sunset with this man and live happily ever after. But he's a good man. I've known him since I was 17. I trust him.

This is all the good news. The bad news is that his yearly conference is in April. Which means I just missed it. And I've got nearly a year to wait for this momentous event.

But this gives me some incentive to get off my ass and lose some weight. I've been too nervous to eat anyway, just by thinking about the possibility of finally having sex.

And I KNOW it will be amazing. He's obviously a very experienced lover, and he's very affectionate. We already get along so well together that even the initial awkwardness that EVERYONE has the first time they have sex with someone new will smooth over. I know we'll be able to talk about whatever comes up.

I have been reading his email over and over and over again. I've been IM-ing with him nearly every day, even if it's only for a few minutes. I didn't find out until a couple days after he sent me this amazing email that he was in the middle of something HUGE at his job. The fact that he took the time to respond to me in he middle of everything he was dealing with just makes him even more amazing.

I really need to go to bed now. But I'm not sleepy. Not even with the Ambien I took an hour and a half ago. I've been like this ever since I read his email. Just jacked like I've had way too much coffee.

I'm going to try to avoid telling him about my lack of experience until afterwards if possible. I hate to do that, because he's been so completely open & honest with me, & he deserves the same. But part of me is afraid that if he finds out the truth he won't want to out of some sense of honor or something. But I'm not a teenager anymore, he's got permission from the wife to do this, and he is not some stranger I picked up in a bar. There is absolutely nothing wrong in the world with 2 old friends sharing a night of pleasure. And I am going to enjoy it. :) :) :)

Hi Pat,

I too have GAD, for a couple of years now, and can relate to a lot of the things you talk about on your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I plan on reading your old posts -- it definately helps me to know that there are people in a similar situation that i am in :). And thank you for sharing your life online, it takes guts to do that. Also, congratulations on reconnecting with that great guy thru Facebook, all the power to you!
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