It's a GAD GAD World
Thursday, November 18, 2010
It took snarky complaints about a book list on Facebook (from an English professor, a history buff, and a scientific genius, no less), but I finally understand it.

The DNA-sharers who turned their backs on me and disowned me? The little shits who tortured me in junior high? The roommates who made my life a living hell in college? The men who will have nothing to do with me? These are not random unrelated events. They can't all be wrong.

I really AM a worthless piece of shit who not only doesn't deserve to be loved, I don't even deserve to love anyone--because my love and warmth and concern and caring and affection aren't worth a damn thing. I'm worthless and useless.

It's a damn shame I'm not suicidal.

I give up trying to give a damn about anyone. I am completely alone in the world, and apparently that's exactly what I deserve. I probably shouldn't even bother continuing with this blog, but I probably will because I don't think I'll ever completely eradicate my masochism.

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