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Sunday, February 20, 2011
I've been bleeding for a week. We'll see if this turns out to be another marathon.

It's been over a week since Red & I got together for I don't know what you'd call it. He mentioned a venue that's sort of near where I live but completely inaccessible to me and my mass-transit limitations. I looked up the venue, and there are a number of acts I'd be willing to see, but all of them are on inconvenient dates. I sent him a list of "recommendations" & he thanked me. That was last week, no communication since. occurred to me that one of the acts is performing this upcoming Saturday in the city, and it's a free show. So I shot him an email telling him this & suggested he check out the free show as a preview. No response.

And if this gives you any clue as to how good of a cyberstalker I am...during our "date" we talked about the Artist at whose show we first met, and I mentioned some little factoid about him. He asked me how I knew it, and I said he'd put out a Facebook update. He said that he had "liked" the Artist on FB but had never gotten any updates.

Now...I've looked for Red on FB but never found him. But now I had confirmation from him that he was in fact there. So I did a search--not on him, but on the Artist. Y'know how for every famous person on FB there's usually one "official" page and a handful of unofficial pages that are started by fans? Well, turns out Red "liked" the wrong page. I picked one of the unofficial pages that have only a few hundred members (the "official" page has more than 4,000 members) & clicked on "Members" to see who was there. And that's where I found him.

It's definitely him, because he put his picture there. And he has his profile set up so that if you're not his "friend" you can't send him a msg (otherwise I would have). But here's the cool thing: He listed his alma mater. Turns out it's a college not far from the one I attended. Similar in academic caliber, and we kick their asses in football every year, which means if I ever see him again I'll have something to bust his chops about.

Now that I know where he went to college, I did some more net-sleuthing. Turns out he's older than I am. Like, if we'd gone to the same college we wouldn't have known each other because he graduated before I started. THAT much older.

This is why I'm such a failure with men. I just know that if/when I see him again I'm going to blurt this out somehow and freak the hell out of him.

In other news, my checkbook is balanced. For the year 2009. That's right, I'm THAT far behind in balancing my checkbook. My tax appointment is next week & I decided to try & get some of my shit together today. Fortunately my credit card company created a year-end summary that lists all my categories of expenses, so I only have to look at that to know how much I spent at the conference I went to a year ago and how much I spent last year for this year's conference. Then add the medical receipts I have, and I'm good to go.

Not much here in the way of anxiety/depression, but I wanted to give an update. There's really not anyone in my life I can talk to about Red, so I blab about him here.

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