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Saturday, April 30, 2011
Grr...I hate it when Blogger eats my posts. Let's try this again.

In response to Echo's comments: Yes, I've tried going off the meds, sort of. Before I landed a job with health insurance I'd try to get treatment by getting into research studies. You have to be completely med-free for at least 2 weeks before you can get into a study. Also, I tend to skip meds here and there for a day or so, usually on the weekends. I tend to be more strict during the week when I have to work, and less strict when I'm off.

The bottom line is that when I'm on the meds I feel better and when I'm off them I feel worse. But I no longer have any way of knowing if feeling worse is a function of the disease returning or a function of drug withdrawal.

In answer to your second question, no. I only see my PCP once a year unless I'm dying. And since I've already maxed out my FSA for the year and can't renew till July, it will probably be December before I see her.

As for your PS, I doubt I have legions of followers. According to Blogger's stats I have only one follower, but I can't see who it is. For all I know it might be you. Although last week my stats said I had 72 hits. Unless you've read my blog 72 times, maybe I do have a small legion.

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