It's a GAD GAD World
Monday, January 30, 2012
...goin' down the only road I've ever known
like a drifter I was born to walk alone

When I was younger and braver that song was my personal statement about how I did things my way and in my own time and how I didn't follow conventions just because they were conventional. Now that I'm older and wimpier the song is just a pathetic ironic commentary on my (lack of) love life.

Let's to tell this story without giving away too much identifying information? First of all, this is a story about Mr. Reporter. (You know, the one I've never met, the one who's several years younger than I am, the one I don't even stand much of a chance of meeting, let alone hooking, because he's either got a ton of much younger and much more attractive women on his tail and/or other body parts or he's gay.)

Once upon a time, Mr. Reporter worked in a city that I'm familiar with. (Not the city near which I currently live.) He recently made a public comment about missing a certain restaurant in Other City.

So I did some net-sleuthing and discovered that there's a restaurant here that serves some of the Favorite Restaurant's food. I also discovered that there's a bar not too far from the restaurant that serves an alcoholic beverage manufactured only in Other City. (Mr. Reporter likes his alcoholic beverages.)

I found this stuff in the morning. I debated for about half an hour as to whether I should send him the information. I hesitated because I've posted info to him before. Never gotten any response, never expected to. Then I did the wimpy thing and asked a few of my FB friends what they thought. Out of 7 people, 1 person responded & said I should do it because it might turn into a date. I would have laughed at her response if it hadn't been so pathetic.

Bottom line: I posted it. I do not expect to hear from him. I'll be lucky if he doesn't kick me off the board.

It's just part of a pattern that I can't seem to shake. I pine for impossible men because there don't seem to be any REAL possible men out there. And on the rare once-a-decade moment when I do find a real possible man, it blows up in my face. (See: Red.)

On the good news front, my Boss is away from the office for the next 3 days. My colleague and I had a very peaceful & productive day.

I still wish I could get an answer on the sex question I wrote about in my last post.

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