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Sunday, January 15, 2012
All of my test results came back near the end of December. Mammogram/ultrasound: normal. Echocardiogram: Normal. Stress test: I didn't last the full 8 minutes (I could only do 6), but they were able to get the info they needed, which was that elevating my heart rate doesn't induce my heart to jump to the unregulated WPW pathway. And most latest blood work shows that my triglycerides dropped by 90 points. My overall cholesterol level is still a little high, but I'm not a heart attack waiting to happen. As for my blood glucose, apparently I have to score a 5.6 to be within "possible increased risk for diabetes". I came in at 5.7--but this could have had something to do with all the carrot sticks I was munching prior to the blood draw. Normally I can make it the full 12 hours without feeling REAL hungry, but for some reason this time around it was really difficult. Carrots do contain a small amount of sugar.

So I'm fine, bitches. And contrary to what the cardio clowns told me, my heart is NOT running on the unregulated WPW pathway 24/7, which means I am NOT about to drop dead of cardiac arrest at any given moment. I mean, it still could happen, but given that I've been living with this my whole life, and that I've only had 2 episodes in the past 2 years, neither of which raised my heart rate to a dangerous level and neither of which even caused me to lose consciousness, it isn't likely.

I was hoping to venture out and do something today, but it's just too damn cold. I like to go out on Sundays when I don't have to work the next day because I troll the public garbage cans for Sunday coupon inserts, but it is FREEZING out. And I have to go out tomorrow because I have a p-doc appointment.

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