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Saturday, September 08, 2012
So last week at this time I was glued to the computer searching for job openings. I think I applied for between 10-15 jobs over the long weekend. Then...cripes, I can't remember what my nickname for this institution is on this blog, but it's a big school & they posted about 10 job openings the day after the holiday. I applied for all but one (long boring story).

Do you think I got a single goddamn phone call this week??

I hate my job. I absolutely fucking hate it. Every time I post here I always follow up by reading my posts from a year ago, 2 yrs ago, etc. I came across a post where I actually wrote: "Killed 8 hours at work doing absolutely nothing". God, I would KILL to have a day like that! Not every day, that would be mind-numbing. But God I would love to have some breathing room.

Oh yeah, deranged fantasies. I've repeatedly had the fantasy of walking into work, handing my boss a letter of resignation, and walking out. 2 weeks ago my boss called a staff meeting with no notice. Just *snap*, and an hour of my day was eaten away without warning. Am I the only person on the planet who thinks that's disrespectful?? I now have the fantasy of simply walking out the door the next time that happens. Then showing up the next day with a water pistol a la the White Russian standoff & telling everybody off.

Somebody please talk me out of this before I actually fucking do it. The job market out there is bleak & I don't think my bank account could handle being fired. Lord knows I could handle it. I would love to just sleep & watch tv all day.

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