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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
I've now been bleeding for 20 consecutive days.

So I've been looking on the 'net trying to figure out why this could happen. I mean, I *know* it's because I'm 40 & my uterus is conking out, I'm just trying to figure out how big of a deal it is.

And every website contradicts the other. One says it's not common and one should RUN to the gyno if it happens because it could be a sign of endometrial cancer, the other says it's common in perimenopausal women and can be regulated with hormonal therapy. One even suggested it could be a vitamin K deficiency.

*sigh* Whatever. At least now I'll have a good excuse as to why I'm not having sex. "Sorry, but I've been on the rag for the last decade."

So it's Thanksgiving Eve & once again it'll be me and a Marie Callender turkey pot pie. And the cat will get a can of cat food, of course. I have holiday presents sitting on my kitchen floor, but I just don't feel like wrapping or sending them. I was going to buy more, but now that I realize what a rotten piece of shit I am, I don't want to for fear it will offend someone.

I will send the gifts I already have, of course. Just to get them out of my apartment.

I've made an appointment with my p-doc for next Friday (12/3). I'm going to tell her that I've been depressed for over a month and the doxepin is no longer working. Our choices are either to up the dosage or switch to a different drug. I'd like to try upping the dosage first, simply because I don't want to go through the hell of trial & error if I can avoid it.

It's been about a week since I've communicated with anyone on FB, on or off FB. I don't think anyone's noticed. Or cared.

Hi Pat, you don't even know me,I've commented from time to time ages ago. I just lurk around the internet and read your blog religiously. Don't you dare stop! It's not about you, it's about me. I like reading it. I need it. Also of course you don't have endometrial cancer. In my life things like that are NEVER serious, they're just annoying, inconvenient and embarrassing. It could be worse tho...could be your bottom. (Lame jokes aside: I understand how sucky this is for you and you have my sincere and kind sympathy). Anyway, you'd better stop bleeding soon because it's almost time for your NEXT period. xo Nancy
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